Educational games

Educational games: which games for children aged 2 to 3?

Children are full-fledged persons who have a constant need to move but also to play. But he cannot yet play all the games that exist. Be aware that there are specific toys adapted to the development of his brain as well as his physical capacity. Children from 2 to 3 years old and toys 2 […]

How to make an educational game?

Some children have learning difficulties. These difficulties can occur in memorization, calculation or reading. To help these children learn, you can make educational games that you can customize according to their preferences. Here are three do-it-yourself educational games. The doubles game One game that you can very well make yourself is the game of doubles. […]

Importance of play for child development

As several studies have shown, and as many paediatricians and child care professionals advocate, play is an essential element in helping a child develop physically, emotionally, mentally and socially. But it can also shape a child’s identity. To promote learning The primary importance of play in a child’s development is its ability to help a […]

Benefit from free educational games

All play is important for the physical, mental and social development of our children. Therefore, we must give our children the opportunity to try to play all games that are age-appropriate, including educational games to help them learn. Why give your child educational games? The first role of educational games is to help a child […]

How to develop your brain with crossword puzzles

The crossword puzzle is a great hobby, but not always easy to solve. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you can get stuck on a level, or take way too long to solve a puzzle. As a result, the game starts to get boring. However, not all crossword experts have always been crossword experts. […]