How to make an educational game?

Some children have learning difficulties. These difficulties can occur in memorization, calculation or reading. To help these children learn, you can make educational games that you can customize according to their preferences. Here are three do-it-yourself educational games.

The doubles game

One game that you can very well make yourself is the game of doubles. This game will help children to better memorize doubles. This will help their brain to concentrate better and to find the answer to the double. With this game, children will be able to do simple calculations by adding two equal numbers but it will also help them in the multiplication by two that they will do in a short time. To make this game, all you need is a cardboard or a large piece of strong paper and make a circuit game consisting of double numbers to be added and the answers to these additions but also images reflecting double things such as eyes, two cherries, two wheels, two balls, etc.. The rule of the game is simple, each player has a checker that has to be advanced according to the number shown on the dice rolled. Points are awarded when you give the correct answer to the double or when you come across a duplicate picture.

The game of syllables

Some children have difficulty reading. To help them learn, you can make a syllable game. For this game, you also need to draw a circuit game with syllables on a cardboard or solid sheet of paper. By moving his pawn, the child will have to read and associate two syllables that follow each other in his trajectory. If he can read well, he continues his path by throwing the dice again. The player who arrives first wins the game.

A game to memorize numbers

It can be difficult for a child to memorize numbers from 1 to 10, but don't worry, this can be remedied with playful games. To do this, you need to make cards out of small cardboard boxes with drawings on them that can reflect the numbers from 1 to 10. To make this memory game even more interesting, you can choose a theme to draw with the characters you like.

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