Board Games

How to choose a board game?

For young and old alike, playing board games can be a real treat. But there has to be a start to everything. For the little ones, it is important to take into account certain criteria before choosing a suitable board game. When should they start playing board games? For toddlers, the ideal age to start […]

Good reasons to play board games

Even though the digital and Internet world is increasingly present from a child’s earliest years, playing board games with real people is more beneficial than playing in a virtual world. But why is this? Board games to create links First of all, playing board games requires a minimum number of 2 people. You can’t play […]

What are the must-have board games?

Board games are games that are played between several players, two or more, and provide entertainment and joy while encouraging each player to think. All this mix helps to create links between the participants. But you have to know how to choose the right board game. Dungeons and Dragons Dungeons and Dragons”, DnD for connoisseurs, […]

Tips for creating your own board games

Board games have long been present at family gatherings, for entertainment with friends or during outings. However, you should know that it is possible to make your own board game according to your preferences and aspirations. Discover in this article the steps to follow. The design of the board game First of all, you need […]