What are the must-have board games?

Board games are games that are played between several players, two or more, and provide entertainment and joy while encouraging each player to think. All this mix helps to create links between the participants. But you have to know how to choose the right board game.

Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons", DnD for connoisseurs, is a board game released in 1974. In those days, Dungeons and Dragons was the very first board game that invented role-playing. By playing this game, you can experience the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but in "real life". Indeed, in Dungeons and Dragons you can be anything you want to be: an elf archer, a barbarian or a magician. All you have to do then is roll the dice and follow the course of the story with a lot of imagination. This game is also an excellent storytelling game that requires a lot of wordplay.

Dixit: Guess what!

The board game called Dixit is a very tempting game. In this card game, released in 2008, you have to make people guess your card in a word, a song, a mime or an expression. The other players choose one of their own that matches the description. The players then shuffle it all together and vote on the right card. If everyone finds it, the player doesn't get any points, the same if no one finds it. You then have to play with subtlety so that some people find, but not all find. Players mainly like this game for the beauty of the card illustrations.

7 Wonders

The board game 7 Wonders was released in 2010. This card game has won several awards since its release. The concept is simple, from the draft where you receive a deck of cards, keeping one and passing the rest to your neighbor, resources to manage to place more cards, and three ages with cards that become more and more powerful. This game is attractive because it can be played by up to 7 players without any slowing down, since everyone plays simultaneously. Since its release, three expansions are available in stores and specialty shops and a 4th is in progress.

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