Tips for creating your own board games

Board games have long been present at family gatherings, for entertainment with friends or during outings. However, you should know that it is possible to make your own board game according to your preferences and aspirations. Discover in this article the steps to follow.

The design of the board game

First of all, you need to have a concrete idea of the game you want to make. In this step, it is advisable to develop a board game with a theme. Indeed, a theme is one of the pillars of your future game. You can choose between several themes, namely a simple theme such as that of the game of the goose or a more complex theme with war games that set up conflicts, political relations between players and strategies for placing the pieces. Then you would have to find the mechanics of your game. The mechanics is none other than the way the players interact with the game and with each other. You then need to determine the age and limit of the players, the time and size of your game. Then set up the basic rules.

Let's go to the prototype!

Like any other project, it is necessary to develop a prototype. It is necessary to evaluate the game, it will then be like a test game with which you can already play it. You must therefore sketch a board model to find out if your board is too big or too small. Moreover, in this prototype you have to put a simple or complex path according to your theme, a playing field, landing boxes with special effects, etc. Don't forget to think about the counters you are going to use. It is also interesting for your game to use cards that will have effects on a player's movement.

Take the test!

Once the prototype is ready, you can then make a test game. Try your game with a group of players after playing it alone. This way you can go through all the phases of the game and note the positive and negative points of your game. Gradually add players to limit the minimum and maximum number of players. After the test, refine your prototype before launching the final version.

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