Some ideas of activities to do during the holidays

If you haven't spent enough time with your children, don't worry, you can make up for it during the holidays. During this time, you'll have the chance to do different activities with your little one. Discover in this article three activities you can do with your child.

Hiking and treasure hunt

If you like to do outdoor activities, it is advisable to go hiking in the mountains with your child. This activity allows young and old alike to change air, breathe fresh air, change their minds and forget for a while the worries, hassles and pollution of big cities. By hiking in the mountains, you will also have the chance to be in harmony with nature and to educate your child from an early age to protect and respect the environment. In addition to the environmental and ecological issue, hiking in the mountains is also an opportunity to do sports in an unusual setting. On the other hand, to add even more fun to your hike, you can concoct a treasure hunt for your child and the whole family. The ideal is to set up teams that will do this treasure hunt so that everyone can have fun. It is then recommended that you follow a theme to facilitate the immersion of each player in the treasure hunt.

Make a travel diary

If you are planning to take a trip during your vacation, you can make a travel journal with your children. With this activity, you can create a memory that you can look back on for a long year. Moreover, developing a travel journal allows children to do a manual activity through drawing and colouring, for the little ones.

Cooking together

But there are also holiday activities that can be done at home such as cooking. For little girls and boys alike, cooking with mom or dad is an opportunity to strengthen the bonds that exist. Parents can also initiate their children to be more responsible with this activity. In addition, you can prepare your child's favourite dish with his or her help by explaining the different steps involved. Above all, it will be a pleasant moment to share as a family.

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