Learning while having fun


Learning game

The objective through educational games and books is to learn new concepts and techniques. We can thus play games to learn a new language or a new subject … More ideas on puericultura.fr.

Logic games and reflection

Logic games and reflection

This type of logic or thinking game is designed to develop an individual’s thinking skills and work on his or her logic. It can be a pedagogical support used by the teacher to achieve specific objectives.


Reasoning game

Similar to the logic game, it aims to teach players of all ages, especially children, how to reason and think in order to find a solution to a problem in a particular context.


Discovery game

It can be an electronic, traditional or online game designed to help the player, usually children, discover various themes (colouring, nature, geography, cooking, well-being…).

The advantages of board games


Social builder

Strengthen the bonds between players



Pushing the game to innovate

Ambience setter

Creating a good atmosphere

Talent generator

Develop the player’s creative spirit

How to organize a raffle?

Writing the rules of the game

The help of a bailiff is highly recommended and deposit this regulation at his home.

Print tickets

Design the raffle ticket (scratch ticket, classic ticket…) and then proceed with the printing by yourself or by a service provider.

The draw

On the day, draw from the ticket stubs to announce the winners.

Choose the gifts to be won

Winning gifts is the goal of the participants, so choose them before the raffle or lottery.

Ticket sales

Be sure to group them together in stump books to facilitate the sale, which must begin before the day of the raffle.

Distribution of gifts

Procéder à la distribution des cadeaux aux personnes dont les billets ont été tirés au sort.

Animate your parties according to your tastes



Treat your guests with fun and personalized games

To liven up a party (wedding, birthday…), what could be better than organizing games so that the guests have fun and a good time. In this way, we can get away from the monotony and the traditional organization of this type of events. The host of the evening will be able to choose various games (quiz, musical chair…).

Free online educational games

Free educational game means online game. On the Internet there are a large number of sites offering a variety of games. This is a good way to combine the useful with the enjoyable by playing and learning at the same time. These games of discovery, logic…contribute to developing thinking skills and intelligence especially for a young audience like children. More on pitchouland.fr.

A variety of outdoor animation games

Games for children and adults

When the weather is good, the organization of outdoor animation games becomes more frequent. This type of game is generally intended for a young audience such as children on holiday in leisure centres. They can be played individually or in teams. For example, the activity leader can organise running games (sack race, spoon race…), treasure hunts, games of skill… Adults can also play outdoor games such as tug-of-war, petanque, beach volleyball on the beach…

Advantages of outdoor play
Playing outdoors allows players to enjoy nature and forget that feeling of confinement all day long. It’s a great way to let off steam and an effective remedy for stress. What’s more, it’s an opportunity to meet friends or new people you don’t know. It is truly a moment of pure happiness and fun.

A variety of outdoor animation games